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You see them everywhere you go: McDonald’s, Gold’s Gym, IHOP, Toys “R” Us — even your local UPS store. Franchises are all around us, offering the appearance of a local small business, but in fact being part of something much, much larger. And if you’ve ever been to a franchised business, you know that whatever location you visit, you’ll receive the same quality product or service.

But why buy a franchise, and what makes them so popular in today’s business economy?

Franchises are great opportunities for people who already have a job but want to invest their money in a business, as well as for people who simply don’t want the hassle of building a brand from scratch. With the franchise model, you are essentially buying a “business in a box” — a business complete with a defined market territory, quality brand name recognition, design and construction, and ongoing support and training. Especially in times when the economy is faltering, people love being able to easily own and operate their own business and create employment.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that franchises are without their own set of unique challenges and complications. For example, some franchisees face strict rules and guidelines imposed by their franchisor, and aren’t permitted the level of flexibility that they want to market their business.

Luckily, that’s where Franchisee Source comes in. Our website provides a home for the information that prospective franchisees need to make an educated decision regarding business ownership. We’re also here to be a resource for current franchise owners who are looking for advice on how they can be successful in their marketing and management endeavors.